4 hours

       Most of my time is still from the last time I was a the puppetry arts center in September. I worked very had there and learned so many new things, that I never thought in a millon years I would learn.

         The other amount of time I have been doing research and sketching out what my muppet is going to look. I pretty much decided that it is going to be modeled after my dog, Sam. Who is a little poodle that has never had a hair cut so his hair is flying around everywhere. He looks just like a muppet. I have also been watching on line videos on how to make your muppet look like it is really talking and danceing. After I have completed my muppet the puppet center said that I can come back and they will teach me how to work it.

Now that I am done was a the paper design I am ready to really start creating the muppet. I am going to the store this weekend to gather all of my supplies and I very exicted to see my vision become a reality!

Until next time.

My Work Blog, Sept. 21 2011, 5 hrs

On September 21 I job shadowed at the Center for Puppetry Arts for 5 hrs.

I learned so much. I got to over look almost every type of  job there is at the art center. First I worked in the Set constuction, which is where they were building sets for up and coming shows.

Next I got to go and work  in the ticket office and learned how they design the tickets and how they come up with how much they are going to charge for the tickets.

After that I got a private tour of the musuem there, a learned about the history of puppets. There was so much information and I took tons of pictures.

Next, I got to go to the Puppet Workshop, (which was my favorite one), where they were building many new puppets and they taught me how they build all different kinds of puppets, and they gave me books and taught me how to design and create my own puppet.

From my experience, I now know that it is going to take a lot of work to build my puppet, but I can’t wait to get started. I now have tons of great ideas.